Ambit-Your #1 Energy Source!

As long as we can think back, there has only been one choice for our public utilities like electricity and natural gas.  If you didn’t like the service, options or rates from your local provider there was really nothing you could do about it.  Times have changed.  Energy deregulation is sweeping across America bringing choice for the first time in the history.

The states you see above are now fully deregulated.  In a matter of minutes you could switch your electric supply company and begin saving significantly on your electricity and/or natural gas bill every month!

Don’t worry about service interruptions or storm outages because that part of the process does not change.  The same company that maintained, upgraded and fixed the power lines before will continue to do so.  The same guy that read your meter before will continue to read your meter after.  The only thing that changes is the per Kilowatt or per Therm charge you see on your energy bill every month.

As independent consultant for Ambit Energy, Electric Bill Savings offers you the confidence of a A Rated BBB company currently ranked #1 on Inc.500 with the personalized service of a fast, friendly and knowledgeable independent consultant who is looking out for your best interest.

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